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OXYfit is a natural, healthy and safe way to increase your sports performance and fitness. A German sports institute study testing athletes on fitness equipment showed increases of up to 25% in performance when using OXYfit oxygen. The study also demonstrated a 10-15% increase in weight loss.

A recent study on OXYfit by Charles University found that inhaling OXYfit between bouts of intensive exercise had a significant effect on recovery between sets allowing the user to achieve greater results in subsequent exercise. View full study here

MSS Colchester Kawasaki rider Simon Andrews, one of the leading contenders in the 2010 MCE British Superbike Championship starting this weekend (Apr 3-5), says he expects to have the edge over his rivals thanks to Oxyfit – pure oxygen in a can.

Simon says Oxyfit will be his not-so "secret weapon" in the intense battle for this year’s title. Oxyfit is 99.5 per cent pure oxygen in a pressurised can. It allows users to breath in oxygen-enriched air.

Twenty three year-old Triathlete Daniel Sims, competed in the World Championships in Australia September 2009 and as part of his training he used OXYfit's canned oxygen to help his recovery times and give him an energy boost.


Try OXYfresh when you're cooling down after sports activities or a session at the gym. This pure, preservative-free water spray is enriched with oxygen and enhanced with refreshing Aloe Vera and lemon fragrances.

Simply spray gently and evenly over the face whenever your skin feels the need for extra moisture and coolness.

OXYfresh is available in 200ml or 50ml sizes.

OXYfresh is also available for larger orders and can be supplied with custom-made labeling.

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