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OXYfit - Wellbeing

Tired? Low in energy? Restless? Depressed?

Too many of us are suffering from these feelings on a daily basis because of our fast-paced lives and the increasingly polluted atmosphere that surrounds us.

Whilst we can't completely control the changing world and its decreasing air quality, we can take steps to make ourselves feel better and put a bit of a spring in our step!

'OXYfit refreshes you and keeps you going if you're a little tired or find yourself losing concentration.'
Ian Bailey, Matlock, Derbyshire

When we're relaxed we breathe 16 times per minute with each inhalation including a 21% level of oxygen. This is the normal process – however air pollution, increased ozone gas levels, inadequately ventilated rooms and offices and a lack of exercise can all contribute to an inadequate supply of oxygen in the body.

Do you recognize any of the following symptoms?

  • lack of concentration
  • headaches
  • exhaustion
  • low energy
  • problems sleeping
  • depression
  • low immunity

Consider your lifestyle and how it may be affecting the oxygen levels you're feeding your body?
A supply of medically pure oxygen can alleviate these symptoms and other discomforts as well as providing an aid to better fitness and exercise

'After intercontinental flights I always inhale oxygen...when I feel tired OXYfit helps me to be fit again.' Susanne Rieffel, flight attendant for Swiss International Airlines

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