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Should you keep a canister of portable oxygen?

Oxygen is all around us - and it's a good thing too, since breathing it is vital for survival. While the air around us, which contains about 21 per cent O2, is usually an adequate source for our day-to-day requirements, in some situations, a boost of pure oxygen can help improve energy levels, mood and overall health.

Here at OXYfit, we offer portable oxygen in a can. This product offers a convenient solution to increasing your oxygen intake, helping you to feel alert, clear-headed and stress-free. It's also a useful option for those who have short term breathlessness.

The benefits of portable oxygen

Using portable oxygen can significantly help improve your wellbeing and studies have shown oxygen therapy to be an effective treatment, alleviating the symptoms of various conditions.

For example, a few breaths of fresh oxygen can make a huge difference to people who are very tired. Whether you suffer from chronic fatigue or simply had a one-off late night, O2 can help get you through the day.

If you're having trouble concentrating, a boost of oxygen can keep your brain on the task at hand. It can also improve memory.

For those who are unwell, due to either sickness or an injury, O2 therapy could speed up recovery times. It is also known to quell nausea and some say that it's an effective hangover cure.

Oxygen therapy can also improve the performance of athletes. Using portable oxygen can even prevent the burning sensation that is associated with the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles after an intense workout.

Where to keep canned oxygen

It can be very beneficial to keep a few cylinders of portable oxygen in various locations, giving you quick access whenever you feel short of breath or need a bit of a boost.

Because a few breaths of pure oxygen can help improve energy levels, many choose to keep a can in the glove box of the car. Whether you're driving cross-country, or simply going home after a hard day at work, oxygen in a can will help you stay alert behind the wheel.

A can of oxygen at your desk can also be a good option if you have to write a detailed report or deal with a particularly difficult client, some breaths of pure O2 will focus your mind and help you to de-stress.

Your gym bag could also be the perfect location for a tank of portable O2. Breathing oxygen-enriched air during and after exercise can help your body recover more quickly.

In addition, many choose to take portable oxygen with them when they travel. Whether you're camping, in a caravan, or travelling by other means, a few breaths of pure O2 upon reaching your destination will help alleviate the fatigue that comes with a long journey.

OXYfit portable oxygen cylinders

If you're seeking a portable oxygen system that's affordable and easy to use, look no further than OXYfit. Our cylinders are available in a wide range of sizes from two to 110 litres and include an inhalation mask for comfortable administration of the O2.

To find out more, be sure to check out our oxygen news. Following us on Facebook or Twitter will also keep you up-to-date with the latest medical research and case studies, as well as special offers and discounts.

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