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Oxygen Therapy

Is oxygen therapy right for me?

The most abundant element found on the earth's crust, oxygen is all around us - in the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe.

While oxygen is abundant in the air we breathe, the quality and quantity that is consumed is not always ideal, especially for those who are suffering from an illness, an injury or some sort of medical condition.

Oxygen therapy is a solution that can help alleviate various symptoms, as well as enhancing energy levels and concentration.

It is also an effective addition to an athlete's training regime. This is because increased oxygenation means that the body's cells work better - enabling those taking part in sports to improve their performance and recover from exertion more quickly.

For anyone looking for a boost of their O2 levels, OXYfit oxygen in a can is the perfect solution. This convenient and easy-to-use option enables you to enjoy the benefits of oxygen therapy whenever you need it.

Symptoms that can be relieved with oxygen

Those suffering from heart or lung problems will be aware that oxygen therapy is a very important part of medical treatment. These two organs are responsible for getting oxygen to other parts of the body. By boosting the amount of pure oxygen that enters the lungs, the rest of the body will be able to get the O2 that it requires.

In addition, oxygen therapy has been found to be helpful for those who suffer from migraines and cluster headaches. While scientists are not certain why pure O2 can help with these conditions, it is thought that it constricts the blood vessels, relieving some of the pain.

It is also believed that administration of oxygen can cause the brain to interpret pain signals differently. This makes O2 therapy ideal for treating not only migraines, but other injuries and illnesses.

Oxygen therapy is also considered to be an effective option for those suffering from fatigue, nausea, dizziness and poor concentration.

How O2 therapy works

The human brain uses around 20 per cent of the oxygen that is consumed, although this can vary depending on the type of activities that a person is undertaking.

But every cell requires oxygen to survive and it's therefore important to get enough of this essential element to your entire body. Without O2, cells are unable to metabolise nutrients and calories, thus hindering their performance.

Oxygen therapy works by increasing the amount of pure oxygen that you intake. This reduces the amount of work that your heart and lungs have to do to distribute the oxygen and ensures that every cell gets a good supply of this vital fuel.

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