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Third of motorists 'would leave the scene of an accident'

New research has revealed the shocking extent to which UK motorists would flout the law and leave the scene of an accident if they suffered a minor bump.

A poll carried out by showed 30 per cent of drivers stated they would consider simply driving away if they caused only minor damage to another vehicle in a shunt and there were no witnesses.

Meanwhile, four per cent of respondents said they would leave the scene even if they had caused extensive damage.

David Timmis, managing director at, commented: "Although we are generally a nation of honest motorists, it is sad to see that nearly one third of motorists would try to avoid paying for repairs if no-one was around to witness their accident."

Across the country, several regional variations in responses were seen, with Scottish motorists shown to be the most honest - 63 per cent would ensure they left their details for the other vehicle owner.

Meanwhile, drivers in the north-east of England were shown to be the least likely to either give their details or wait for the other vehicle owner to return.

It was a similar story when it came to the age of motorists and their response to having an accident, with seven per cent of 25 to 34-year-olds stated they would definitely leave the scene, compared to just one per cent of over-65s.

"As ever, the older British generation are showing the rest of us the right path by being honest no matter who may, or may not, have seen the accident," Mr Timmis concluded.

All motorists must have their wits about them when taking to the roads and investing in portable oxygen equipment could be a good way to keep concentration levels high. However, it is essential drivers never use this equipment when their vehicle is in motion, as this could present a serious risk to both their safety and others.

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