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Portable oxygen 'increases productivity in the workplace'

People who find their productivity at work is flagging because they often feel too tired to perform at their optimal level may want to buy oxygen in an effort to perk them up during office hours.

An article on has suggested oxygen bars could be a popular choice among employees who want to refresh themselves in order to work harder.

It claimed the substance is responsible for providing the body with energy, noting: "The instant energy received from oxygen can help you finish your projects quickly and thus enhance your efficiency at work."

The post also claimed oxygen is able to boost memory, as it can enable a person to analyse a situation better as it helps stabilise the nervous system and calm the mind.

It was recently revealed students who took part in the DeStress Fest Fall 2010 - held at Rutgers University, Newark - were invited to use an oxygen bar to help calm any pre-exam nerves.

Posted by Jenny Richards

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