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Introducing Oxygen

One of the most abundant elements found on the earth's crust, oxygen is all around us - in the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe.

It is a substance that is essential for life. Animals require O2 - the molecule formed by two oxygen atoms - to metabolise energy and nutrients at the cellular level. Another form called ozone (O3) is located in the outer atmosphere and it protects all organisms on Earth from the harmful ultraviolet radiation that bombards the planet every day from space.

The majority of the oxygen that we breathe is produced by plants, algae and some bacteria as the by- product of photosynthesis. When we inhale, we take in oxygen; when we exhale, we are expelling carbon dioxide.

Plants combine carbon dioxide with water and light energy to create sugar and O2. The sugar is stored as fuel for the plant and the oxygen is expelled back into the air for us to breathe.

The air that surrounds us is about 21 per cent oxygen and this is generally adequate for normal day-to-day activities.

However, pollution sometimes decreases this number, meaning that our bodies have to work harder to get the right amount of O2. In addition, those who are ill, injured or undergoing strenuous work may find that an extra boost of oxygen can improve their wellbeing

That's why OXYfit canned oxygen can be a perfect accessory for a variety of lifestyles. A few breaths of pure O2 can increase your brainpower and help your body recover.

How does the body use oxygen?

Most animals take in oxygen through the act of breathing. Once air enters the lungs, O2 molecules pass into the bloodstream and attach to haemoglobin. They are then distributed to cells around the body.

Cells use the oxygen to help metabolise fuel and other nutrients. In the process, it is turned into carbon dioxide.

When the body is working hard, under stress or unwell, the cells require more energy and therefore more O2. That's why we take deeper breaths and our heart rate increases in such circumstances.

What happens if the body doesn't get enough O2?

The effects that a person feels when deprived of adequate oxygen levels will depend on the particular circumstances: The type of exertion that's being placed on the body, the extremity of the O2 deficit and the amount of time spent in the low oxygen environment will all be contributing factors.

For those carrying out strenuous exercise, the muscle fibres may not get enough O2 to work correctly. This will lead to a build-up of lactic acid and the burning sensation that many athletes report.

A lack of sufficient oxygen can also lead to fatigue, memory problems and difficulty concentrating. In many cases, a few deep breaths of pure oxygen can be all you need to refocus your mind and increase your energy levels.

Get an oxygen boost with OXYfit

If you're looking for an easy way to increase your O2 intake - whether it's to improve your athletic training or increase your mental agility - OXYfit oxygen in a can could be the perfect solution.

Using OXYfit for oxygen therapy is easy - just eight to ten breaths of the pure O2 will help you get back to your optimal performance levels. You can choose from a variety of canister sizes, giving you a single dose, or as many as 50.

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