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Who can benefit from using OXYfit - Pure Oxygen

Oxygen for drivers

Oxygen for Amateur Pilots

Oxygen for Sports and Fitness

Most people can benefit from a few breaths of Oxygen - we have listed just a few.

The traveller

Anybody who has arrived from a long journey, particularly by air, may feel drained and less energetic than usual, perhaps suffering the effects of jetlag. A few inhalations of oxygen enriched air from the OXYfit can, quickly restores the balance and helps to prepare for a day of work and perhaps that vital business meeting.

The conference delegate

Many conference or seminar delegates, especially the not-so-young, feel they have to fight sleepiness particularly after lunch. A quick session of breathing OXYfit's canned oxygen allows full concentration on the lecturer's presentation.

The driver

Professional drivers, whether in a car, a truck or a coach know the danger signs of oncoming tiredness. Apart from sleeping there are few methods to successfully fight it. Statistics show that most accidents are due to the driver having succumb to fatigue at the wheel.
The so-called micro sleep is particularly common in the early hours of the morning, when most accidents happen. Drivers who, perhaps unknowingly, suffer from a sleep related medical disorder such as Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS) or Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) are particularly vulnerable.

At the first signs of oncoming sleepiness, breathing Oxygen from a can is known to help with the condition and delay its deadly effects.

The keep fit enthusiast

After strenuous exercise breathing oxygen enriched air helps the body to recover more quickly. For those exercising to lose weight, oxygen promotes the burning of body fat. It has been discovered that in connection with L-Carnitin (a vitamin-like substance) moderate training can increase the rate of fat loss by up to 15%. Breathing pure canned oxygen during exercise and the intake of L-Carnitin prior to exercise as part of a regular training programme is shown to bring remarkable results. For more details please contact OXYfit Limited.

The sports person

A study by the Sport University of Cologne provides scientific proof that the first-time use of oxygen increases performance by 5%. In the case of regular use, performance can be increased by up to 25%.
To obtain a copy please contact us.

The specialists

The mountain climber at higher altitudes finds a shortage of oxygen is added to the challenge of overcoming gravity when climbing. Additional oxygen from a can provides support and eliminate spells of dizziness. Inhalation of OXYfit can delay breathlessness.

The amateur pilot flying a plane without a pressurised cabin can encounter difficulties at 10,000 feet. Inhaling canned oxygen raises the concentration level and protects from tiredness.

Cycling and mountain biking are endurance sports where strength can fade. Several breaths of oxygen in a can boost performance to complete the sporting challenge.

The elderly

The elderly can easily suffer from breathlessness and dizziness, having OXYfit - Oxygen in a can available helps to address the problem and can gain important time until medical assistance arrives.

First aiders

Convenient and light weight OXYfit - Oxygen in a can, can be taken easily to large gatherings and made available for first aid use.

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