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OXYfit Hotel

Oxyfresh spray


Also popular with hotel guests, this pure preservative-free water spray is enriched with oxygen and enhanced with refreshing Aloe Vera and lemon fragrances.

Use it in a Hotel

pamper with Oxyfit - pure canned oxygen

Oxyfit - pure canned oxygen

Pamper your guests with OXYfit: pure oxygen, pure energy

OXYfit has been used by some of the world's largest brands including Panasonic, Calvin Klein and O2 to pamper their special guests and is the ideal addition for any well-stocked hotel mini bar, gym or spa.These hotels are already benefiting from the OXYfit concept.


OXYfit's revitalising energy boost is ideal after a long and exhausting car journey or flight, following strenuous exercise, or after touring around a warm city with low air quality.

Guests can also enjoy an OXYfit breathe of fresh air to counteract the effects of party excesses and late nights. OXYfit has developed a reputation as a healthy and natural hangover cure, helping the mind to re-focus and refresh without the extra calories!


Ideal for stocking in the gym or minibar, OXYfit is a natural, healthy and safe way to increase sports performance and fitness. A German sports institute study testing athletes on fitness equipment showed increases of up to 25% in performance when using OXYfit oxygen and demonstrated a 10-15% increase in weight loss.
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Beauty and Spa

Give your spa clients a breathe of pure fresh air to relax them before or during massage, holistic health and beauty treatments. In addition to an enhanced sense of wellbeing, pure oxygen helps improves the skin and delay the cell-ageing process.
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Developing your corporate image and providing added business value

OXYfit Hotel is a fresh and innovative multi-sales channel concept, which provides an additional revenue source and offers an excellent additional branding opportunity.
OXYfit Hotel can be purchased with the original OXYfit branding or with your hotel's own corporate logo and details.
Please call us on +44(0)3455 44 02 12 or contact us and we will be happy to have an informal conversation to discuss the individual requirements of your hotel business.

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  • 1901")Oxygen in a can (110 Litres) with valve and mask

    Was £119.99

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