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Using an extra supply of oxygen has had numerous health benefits for people suffering from lung diseases, asthma, breathlessness, migraines, tiredness and tinnitus.

Delaying the cell-ageing process OXYfit for Health  OXYfit for Health Arms the immune system for speedier rehabilitation
Improving concentration OXYfit for Health OXYfit for Health Helps with easier breathing
Improves mental fitness OXYfit for Health OXYfit for Health Provides relief in poorly ventilated conference rooms, class rooms and air-conditioned offices
New energy when you're tired, driving, at work or on holiday OXYfit for Health OXYfit for Health Helps counteract pollution during spells of high ozone levels and heat

From a general improvement in everyday health through to providing a life-enhancing aid following serious illness and surgery, OXYfit has had some inspiring feedback.

To protect confidentiality, we have not included photography with these case studies

Mrs Kedos is a 63-year old business owner who suffers constantly from her asthma. She explains:

'I'm asthmatic and I get sudden shortness of breath. Often this isn't bad enough that I need my medication, but I want something to make me feel comfortable again. OXYfit is perfect for this and it's something I can carry with me or take away because of the size. This gives me peace of mind and I know I may get caught out particularly if the weather is wet and windy over the winter period.'

Edward Townsend whose wife suffered from lung cancer explained how oxygen helped Mrs Townsend through the last nine months of her illness:

'My wife had lung cancer and we found OXYfit particularly useful in the last nine months of her illness. She suffered from breathlessness and a lack of energy and a few puffs seemed to balance out her breathing and gave her an overall boost. It also helped counteract some of the side effects of the medications she was taking and generally offered a form of physical and psychological comfort which we both valued.'

John Mead, 68 has retired and has suffered prolonged ill health following a heart operation and subsequently the onset of angina. Mr Mead explains how extra oxygen gave him part of his old life back:

'After my heart operation I suffered from breathing difficulties and side effects from medication that left me feeling extremely unwell. I initially felt unable to leave the house at all and my wife ended up doing all the things for me that I'd been used to doing. OXYfit helped with both my breathing and the side effects of my medication. Most importantly, it gave me the confidence to get over the hurdles of a major operation and back to my normal life, which also meant I felt able to leave the house again. My doctor wouldn't prescribe a mobile oxygen supply even though it was helping me, so a small canister supply like OXYfit was perfect. Having this aid kept me physically stable and emotionally calm after the trauma of a large operation with numerous ongoing after effects. I had worried that my wife would have to take care of everything for me, but taking oxygen gave me back some control. I still keep a canister in my car just in case I relapse or need an extra boost.'

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